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Lattice Sculptures


  Lattice structures are sculptures I make on the same scale and using the same techniques as my micro molecules, except to create self repeating symmetrical forms. While the concepts and frameworks are borrowed from crystallography, they are not intended to model any specific substance.  Instead, they are built as meditations to explore the geometric relationships possible within 3D space.  These are some of my most meticulous and time consuming projects, frequently spanning over many months of slowly building from the center outwards.

  By varying the geometry of the repeated bit of prep, different lattice structures can be created.  A majority of the ones I create exhibit octahedral geometry, where each node is connected to 6 others, along an x, y, and z axis.  

  The structures themselves are frequently left as standalone collectible items, or are incorporated into hollow orbs or mounted to display stands.  Very small cubic lattice structures have found a use as 'terp pearls' and can be ordered here.

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