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These micro cubic lattices are an example of the beauty of crystal lattice structures. Consisting of a symmetric arrangement of 21 tiny bits of glass, these lattices will appear as a star shape from some angles and a cross shape from others. These little lattices make a great pocket piece, altar addition, small bead, or conversation starter.  They also function very well as a 'terp pearl' for use with other functional pieces.


Colors: Please describe a few colors you would like to see in your lattice, including if you want any UV reactive accents. Note that most transparent colors do NOT work for this size scale.

Diameter: ~6mm (+/- 1mm)

Repairs handled case by case. Ex: if a single bit comes off from normal use, this is likely my fault and I will repair for free. If the entire piece is destroyed, repair fees will be quoted based on the damage.

Shipped USPS Ground Advantage in a small gem display for safe keeping.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for products to be created and shipped.

Custom Cubic Lattice ('Terp Pearl')

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