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Ornate, handmade vials for containing and dispensing any variety of legal liquids, tinctures, or essential oils.

These vials are one of my favorite products to create, and frequently feature micro LSD molecules in them, so that the user can appreciate this structure while enjoying whatever aromatherapy ritual they might want to use it with!

  Each vial is unique, and usually are made with handmade threads and custom droppers.  This body of work has continually evolved, and each bottle has become more and more refined and packed with detail as I dial in more diverse techniques and shapes to incorporate into them.   

  Vials are frequently sold via auction on Instagram.  I am always open to figuring out custom vials!  Prices for relatively basic design around a molecule start at 500, with fully intricate or customized pieces in the 1,000+ range.  Please reach out via Contact page to inquire.

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