This unique water pipe is a collaboration between myself and Mr. Gray (@mrgrayglass) made in Humboldt, CA in late summer 2020.  It features both of our trademark styles:  several cannabis leaf sculptures and a cannabis nugget sculpture by Mr.  Gray and an octahedral lattice and assembly by myself.  The goblet style foot allows for the piece to be held very comfortably to use, or gives an elegant appearance to add to any display case.  



  • Size:
  • Joint: 14mm, 90°
  • Percolation: 2 hole fixed downstem
  • UV Reactive:  The lattice structure and cannabis sculptures glow green, yellow, pink, and blue under a blacklight (not included)
  • Shipped USPS priority mail in a pelican style foam case plucked to match the shape of the piece
  • Please allow up to 1 week for product to be shipped

Mr. Gray Lattice Rig


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