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Micro Molecule Pendants are my most recognizable and consistent product. Each piece features a 100% accurate ball-and-stick model of a molecular compound of your choosing. Just about any molecule within reason is possible but particularly complex or irregular structures may increase the price. Please email me via 'contact' page if you have a structure in mind that is not listed in the dropdown menu.



Diameter of Clear Glass Capsule: 25mm (roughly the size of a US Quarter)

UV Reactive: Every molecule glows bright green under a blacklight (not included) and the loop glows one of four colors

Shipped 1st Class USPS in a small collectible jewelry box labeled with the molecule name and 2D skeleton structure on the front and "DHH" insignia on the backside

Please allow 1-2 weeks for products to be created and shipped

Custom Micro Molecule Pendant

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