This bong is a collaboration between myself and Nathan Bennett (@santacruzglasspics) made in the Fall of 2019.  It features a classic beaker bottom shape, with a large orb containing a cubic lattice.  Includes a matching downstem and bowl piece.



  • FLAWS: there is some 'devitrification' (foginess) on the bottom half of the lattice structure.  This has been accounted for in the price.
  • Size:
  • Joint: 19mm, 45°
  • Percolation: 1 hole downstem
  • UV Reactive:  The lattice structure and bowl piece handle glow bright pink and green under a blacklight (not included)
  • Shipped USPS priority mail
  • Please allow up to 1 week for product to be shipped

Cubic Lattice Bong


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