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Natural Medicine


'Natural Medicine' is a collaboration between myself, Whit Vardaman [@whitv._glass], and Ryan Beck [@swankglass] that was made in Little Rock, AR in summer 2018.  All three of us came up with the concept of making a sculptural pipe representing the spirit of nature, and incorporating an abundance of natural molecules along with sculptural representations of their source in nature.  Each of us were pushed outside of our creative comfort zones in beautiful ways and there were many moments that wouldn't have been possible without 6 hands on the piece.   


In her hands is a rainbow capsule containing Oxytocin, the "love molecule" and inside her head is DMT, the "spirit molecule".  Amidst the tree top is the terpene pinene; Inside a hollow raindrop is geosmin, responsible for the aroma after a rain; Nestled around the roots are a psilocybin molecule in a mushroom cluster, a mescaline molecule in a peyote button, a THC molecule inside a growth of cannabis, and a lattice structure amidst a cluster of crystals.  This piece has been exhibited at Ruckus Gallery in Philadelphia, PA and Purple Haze in Denver, CO.  It is currently in a private collection. 

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