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Cannabinoid Skull:  Mr. Gray x Dan Hoffman


The Cannabinoid Skull is by far the most intensive glass project I have been a part of so far.  It was started in July of 2020 while visiting Scott Rosinski [@mrgrayglass] in Humboldt, CA and was not finished until two years later, in September of 2022.  The skull is the followup to a legendary creation that Mr. Gray was a part of alongside fellow glass artists Scott Deppe, JD Maplesden, Ben David, and Darby that features a fully functional pipe embedded in a lifesize skull bust decorated with Mr. Gray's signature pot leaves and over a dozen of my micro molecules.

  A writeup about the first iteration of the skull can be read at:

 We Hit The Mr. Gray, Deppe, Darby, Ben David Skull in Humboldt - LA Weekly

  The Cannabinoid Skull is packed with UV Reactive details including the molecular structures of THC (neck/spine), CBD (cheeks), Serotonin and Dopamine (forehead), Oxytocin (cranium), DNA (neck); And three matching micro rainbow lattices for the eyes and the third eye.  It is constructed around a highly functional variant of Mr. Gray's signature M3 recycler design, which sits atop a hexagonal honeycomb mandala base and is the perch for a very intricate larger scale lattice as the brain inside the head. It serves as our tribute to the healing properties of cannabis and the millennia old science around its interaction with the human brain and conscious experience.

  It has been exhibited at Explore Glass Gallery in Denver, CO and Lifted Veil Gallery in Los Angeles, CA and is currently housed and available for purchase from One World Humboldt gallery in Mckinleyville, CA.  The asking price is $100,000. 

  This piece would not have been possible without the direct and indirect assistance of: Harrison Mask, Teal, KSR Glass, Ben David Glass, and countless others who cheered us on over two years of productive visits to Humboldt.  

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