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Molecule Pendants


  The most recognizable and consistent body of work over the last decade consists of pendants featuring accurate 3-dimensional ball and stick models of different chemicals.   This work developed in 2014 as I was studying organic chemistry at UC Santa Cruz.  Playing with a plastic model kit while doing homework one evening, I had the realization that the models would translate to glass very well.   After several large, clunk prototypes I dialed in a process for making molecules, then realized that they ought to be as small as possible.  Fast forward a few months, and I was working behind a magnifying glass with hair thin bits of glass and thoroughly fascinated by the scaling properties of glassmaking techniques at such a small scale ~ a fascination that has not faded nearly a decade later.

  My Standard Design for molecule pendants features the structure sealed into a clear disc, with a UV reactive loop.  Pendants of this design can be ordered anytime here.

  I have recently started releasing limited series of fancier molecule pendants, via Instagram.  These releases happen every few weeks to months, and usually feature 5-10 editions of a similar design with some customizable features.

  I am always open to hearing custom ideas! Whether you want a specific structure of a novel chemical you or a loved one is researching, or want your own style of flare around a more common structure ~ please reach out via the Contact page.

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