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"Bislock" is the name I've given to an ongoing series of experimental hand pipes merging the creation of Bismuth crystals with the classic sherlock shape.  Please note that any smoke or vapors inhaled through the pipe do not come into contact with any metal, making a very safe user experience.  

BISmuth + sherLOCK = bislock

Each bislock is incredibly unique.  Not only do I rarely replicate or revisit any exact styles of the glass portion of the piece, but the nature of bismuth crystallization is also quite literally impossible to duplicate results.  Every glass piece must be first finished and created just right for the bismuth application.  The piece is then submerged in a pot of molten metal in a rather risky procedure that often results in failure or less than spectacular results.  Each finished and released bislock is truly a one of a kind alchemical creation.

Please note that over time, especially with heavy handling or exposure to direct sunlight the bismuth coloring may fade as the oxide layer wears down.  Bismuth features should be treated like a glass sculpture, not a metal armor.  It is a brittle metal and prone to breaking or chipping if improperly handled.

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